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You Are Much Safer Now Flying On Airliners

Last night I spent two hours watching some programs on the Discovery Channel about great improvements in aviation safety. I believe that we take for granted how safe it is to take a commercial airplane flight. Let me give you a few improvements over the last 30 years that make it safer when you are in the air as follows:

1) 16G passenger seat that better protect one if there is a crash.

2) New insulation in the cabin walls to prevent fires.

3) Major improvements in collision avoidance avionics.

4) Equipment on board an aircraft to detect micro burst of wind in deadly wind shears.

5) Concrete type foam at the end of a runway that stops an aircraft going off the runway.

6)Sensors at airports that make the job of air traffic controllers easier as every plane is seen in real time with its identification data displayed.

7) Devices in fuel tanks to prevent explosions if there are unwanted sparks.

 8) Devices used by ground crews to detect metal fatigue and faulty rivets.

The US Federal Aviation Administration has been behind these changes. This is one time that we taxpayers got value for money. FAA well done!!!!


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