What Would Really Happen If Earth Was Visited By Aliens From Another Planet

I have been a fan of science fiction since the summer of 1956 (58 years ago).My dad took my sister and I to the Majestic theater in downtown Houston. We watched with great fascination the classic science fiction film Earth Vs. The Flying Saucers. Since then I have seen countless movies and television shows about aliens invading our planet. For all of that time I just assumed that a big invasion armada would appear in the skies above our planet. We would have to fight a ferocious battle for the survival of humanity. Then two nights ago I was watching an elaborate show on Netflix. It was a war game with the ex-head of the British Ministry of Defense. It went on for 90 minutes with all sorts of ideas to fight aliens with superior technology and fire power.

Suddenly a light came on inside my brain. With the massive distances between stars it might not be economically feasible even for a very technologically advance alien society to send a huge armada to invade earth. When and if we get a visit from another civilization, I suspect it will be one ship that goes into orbit above our planet. There is a 50% possibility that the visit will be a peaceful one with no sinister ulterior motives. On the other hand there is a 50% probability that the visit will have very evil intentions. If the bad guys park in orbit above us, one of two things will happen as follows:

1) Some alien virus will be introduced that kills the whole human race rapidly. Our infrastructure and wealth would be there for the aliens to take over without firing a shot.

2) Something will happen to fry all of our electronics. All of our weapons will be neutralized.Vast social unrest will follow as people realize they have to live without electricity and all the toys that they are used to. (During the Cold War the Russians had six high-yield nuclear weapons designed to be detonated high above the US. The electromagnetic pulse that followed would fry all electronic devices and rapidly bring the US to its knees.) We would be reduced to almost a Stone Age existence and easy to control.


I Never Sang For My Father

A happy Father’s Day to all of you wonderful fathers out there. My sister and I were blessed to have a wonderful father. Last night I was watching Turner Classic Movies. They had a 1969 Gene Hackman film; I Never Sang For My Father. I was too busy leading the life of the struggling student to see the film. What I missed all of those years ago was a real treasure. Melvyn Douglas played the aging father and Gene Hackman played the son. Gene is an incredible actor!!!!! I loved the movie. It showed how important the relationship is between a father and his children. It also showed the great challenges we as children face as our parents get older. My father died at a relatively young 60 due to smoking. My mother went on to age 87 and died in her home. Elena had to put her father in a nursing home. He was a wonderful man who died at age 83. This film is one that I recommend for every father!!!!!

The Sad Side of D-Day

Tomorrow is the 70 year anniversary of the allied landing in France. I shall always have the profoundest admiration for General Dwight Eisenhower who took the giant risk of ordering the invasion when the weather could have collapsed on him. The American, British, Canadian,Polish,French soldiers and the French resistance forces who fought valiantly should never be forgotten. What is not known by many is that some 70,000 French civilians died in bombings during the invasion. The British Royal Air Force carried out these raids. Their bombing was far from precision.

Our Dog Copernicus Did Something Ingenious

Our dear dog Copernicus did something ingenious yesterday. While Tim Miller Construction was here installing a storm door in front of the kitchen door, Copernicus and Alice were secured in the master bedroom. I closed the sliding door connecting the master bedroom to the living room. I thought that all was well. Someway, some how, Copernicus opened the door. He and Alice came into the living room. I had to secure them while Tim and his son finished their work.

A Good Christian Husband

It’s Wednesday morning and I am up early. In a few minutes I have to walk out into the dark and the cold to take our trash can out of the garage so it can be picked up by the garbage people. We have some intrepid animal attacking garbage cans and looking for food. If the garbage can was left out, its contents would be all over the street and I would be stuck with an unpleasant clean up job. Over 14 years ago I went to a church service. The pastor described a good Christian husband as a man who takes out the trash. (He also said that men and women should come to bed on their wedding night as virgins. Elena has a common sense response to that as follows:”You should always take a car for a test drive before you buy it.”)