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One Of My Ancestors Died Fighting In This Battle In The Revolutionary War

Painting Battle of Blue Licks

Painting Battle of Blue Licks

In The Line of Duty Battle of Blue Licks Painting of the Battle of Blue LicksThe Battle of Blue Licks was fought on August 19, 1782, and was the last battle of the American Revolutionary War fought in Kentucky. On a hill next to the Licking River in what is now Robertson County, a force of about 50 British rangers and 300 American Indians ambushed and routed 182 Kentucky militiamen killing some 64. It was the worst defeat for the Kentuckians during the war. Black, Charles [Clarence], Private Boone, Israel, Private, Son of Daniel Boone. Boone, Thomas, Private Brannon, Samuel, Private Brown, James, Private, Surveyor Bulger, John, Captain Corn, Esau, Private Cunningham, Hugh, Private, Douglass [Douglas], John, Private Eades [Eads], William, Private Farrier, Thomas, Private Ferguson, Charles, Private Field [Fields], Ezekiel, Private Folley, John, Private Foster, Daniel, Private Fry, John, Private Gilvins [Givins], William, Lieutenant Gordon, John, Captain Graham, Little James, Private Green, Jervis, Private Greggs [Gregg], Daniel, Private Harlan, Silas, Major – died leading the advance party. Harper, Francis, Private Harper, Matthew, Private Harris, William, Private Hinson, Thomas, Lieutenant Jolly, John, Private Kennedy, John, Lieutenant Kincaid, Joseph, Captain Ledgerwood, James, Captured and Killed Lindsey, Joseph, Ensign Marshall, Gilbert, Private McBride, William, Captain McBride, Francis, Private McConnell, Andrew, Private McCracken, Isaac, Private McGuire, James, Lieutenant Miller, Henry, Private Nelson, John, Private Nutt, John, Private Oldfield, Joseph, Private O’Neal, John, Private Overton, Clough, Captain Polley [Polly], Drury, Private Price, John, Private Robertson, William, Private Rogers, Barnett, Lieutenant Rose, Matthias [Matthew], Private Shannon, William, Ensign Smith, James, Private Smith, William, Private Stapleton, John, Private Stephens, William, Private Stern, Val, Private Stevenson, John, Private Stewart, William, Private Todd, John, Colonel, grandfather of Mary Todd Lincoln. Tomlinson, Richard, Private Trigg, Stephen, Lieutenant Colonel Wilson, Israel, Private, Wilson [1], John, Private Wilson [2], John, Private Woods, Archibald, Private Wylie, Matthew, Private

19 August 1782 Blue Licks, KY

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twoholts1 Very interesting link to history and family . . . thank you!

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Boby43 I visited the site last year of Battle of Blue Licks. Lt James Felix McGuire was my 5th great Grandfather.

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athena78a he was my 6th G-Grandfather. I actually have an old family Geneaology of the McGuires from 1980. At the time, they only could get so far back without having to travel out of state. 35 years later, we are able to go back further in the family line thanks to the internet and the modern technology that was invented. I am a descendent of William Guyer McGuire.

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