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Table Wine Merchants Of Pacifica, California

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Every now and then on Yelp I encounter a company that is so good that I wish I could give them 10 stars. Table Wine Merchants you deserve 10 stars! A friend of mine at a swim club is one of Katie’s loyal customers. He sent me to her. I walked into the shop. It was small but well-organized and professional. Katie offered me a tasting of wine right after we started to talk. I have been a wine drinker for over 45 years and the Rose she gave me was spectacular. What I quickly figured out that this is a niche business offering high quality wines from all over the world that one would not normally find at, for example, Costco or BevMoCo.
Even nicer was the pleasant surprise that I got when I was quoted prices that are quite competitive with other wine sellers. Katie you have a loyal customer. As Arnold would say: “I’ll be back.”

That was fun, let’s go again!


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