A Drunk Driver Kills A Man On Pacifica Streets

The Surf Spot is a restaurant where Elena and I often eat. They make some of the best Fish N’ Chips on Planet Earth. Early yesterday evening a woman who had been eating and drinking there and possibly drunk allegedly pulled onto Highway One North. She should have turned right to get into the north-bound lanes. Instead she turned left and had a head on collision with a SUV. The 54 year old driver was killed.
This is a tragedy for the whole community. Elena and I often travel on Highway One. Our car could have been the one hit. One family has lost a beloved family member. The driver of the car that hit his vehicle is facing anywhere from 4 years to life in prison. Even the Surf Spot could be in trouble under what is known as a “dram law.” In other words if a restaurant or bar keeps giving alcohol to an obviously drunk person and they later are involved in an accident, the establishment serving the alcohol could be liable for serious civil or even criminal penalties.
Everyone is a loser here. Please do not drink and drive. As the actor Broderick Crawford used to saw on the television program Highway Patrol 60 years ago: “The life you save may be your own.”

We Had An Incredible Triumph Last Night!!!!

We had an incredible triumph last night. Elena has been with Sacramento Credit Union since 2008. They have always been wonderful people who have always done everything possible to help us and give us wonderful service.Lorna Rae Warrington and Deri Ross are wonderful examples. A couple of months ago Elena and I decided to refinance the awful subprime loan that we have on the house. I had to work very hard for two months to convince them that we qualified for the refinance of our awful home loan to a new one at 3.5% interest. I had to, as the old saying goes, “jump through hoops.” I had to produce a lot of paperwork and explain every aspect of our financial life. I told Elena that it must be like the financial examination a person goes through when they are considered for a high-level government job. A couple of times it looked like we were not going to make it. I refused to give up. The appraisal was conservative. They ended up making us a loan that was 60% of the actual price of the house. As I went through the process, I realized that they were being tough and conservative to make sure that they did not make the bad loans that caused so many people to lose their homes and almost put this country back into another Great Depression in 2008. We got approved. A representative from Fidelity National Title Company came by at 7:30 PM. Elena signed all of the papers for the new loan. A special thanks to Lorna Johnson and her team at Fidelity National Title Company in Sacramento for doing a wonderful job on all of the title work and closing. I still have to pinch myself to make sure it really happened. My friends when you buy a new home or refinance your existing home, get ready for a tough ride!!!

Netflix Surpasses General Motors In Market Capitalization

This technology revolution that we are living through is amazing. General Motors took almost a century to reach a market valuation of 48.35 billion dollars.. Imagine all of the hard work and devotion tens of thousands of people put into building such a fortune Imagine the millions of General Motors cars on roads all over the world. With less than 10 years in business Netflix has surpassed General Motors with a market capitalization today of 48.62 billion dollars.Netflix employed far less people and manufactures nothing with the exception of some original series.

A Big Pay Day Due To Relaxed Iran Sanctions

My dear friends my day is off to a good start. The probe made it to Pluto and I’m so excited about what they are going to find. Do not laugh at this celestial body. It is our last stop before we start heading for the stars. I had a great swim this morning. I came back with the surprise news that Iran had reached a nuclear deal with the US and European allies. I will not discuss politics here. I have many dear Iranian and Jewish friends who are not happy with this deal. I understand their concerns. I’m happy because Elena and I own shares in a South African mobile phone operator named MTN. The company was started by a very bright and capable group of African National Congress supporters who went into exile from South Africa during Apartheid. They ended up at Rutgers University in new Jersey as students and as an English professor in one case, Barbara J. Masekela (Later South African ambassador to the USA and a major executive with the Standard Bank of South Africa.) I nicknamed these bright and special people (some of whom are my friends) as “The Rutgers Gang.”

This group of bright people took a giant risk and expanded their mobile phone company all over the African continent and to Iran. The company got caught up in the Iran sanctions. $1 billion US of their profits in Iran were frozen in a bank account. With sanctions coming off, MTN will have a “one billion dollar pay day.” Our shares will go up quite a bit.

Some Amazing New Discoveries On Ancestry.Com

Everyone I have been exploring the family of my grand mother (mother’s mother) Margaret Eunice Fair. Her family goes back many centuries . One of her and my ancestors is King Henry II (1133 AD-1188 AD) of England. He was made famous in the William Shakespeare play Becket and in the 1964 movie Becket. (Peter O’Toole played King Henry II and Richard Burton played Sir Thomas Becket.)

Tonight I made another amazing discovery. The French Count Of Boulogne Geoffrey (1061-18 July, 1100) died fighting in the Holy Lands during the Crusades. I am learning so much about my family and it’s fascinating!!!

What Is Special About The 4th of July For Me

The 4th of July for me was a day that started with a huge hassle. I n the dead of the night a smoke detector went off because its battery had gone out. It made a shrill beeping noise. I had to take down three smoke detectors and do trouble shooting to find the one with the problem. It ruined my sleep. I was exhausted after that. I had my swim workout and drove Elena to work. I came home and was physically and mentally exhausted. I had some crackers and cheese with wine and rested for some hours. I reflected that 16 years ago I started the morning sleeping on a floor in a church in San Jose, California. I assembled all of my humble belongings and put them in the back of a pickup truck. Some staff member drove me to the Glen Willows apartment complex in the Willow Glen area of San Jose, California. I went to the apartment manager and got my key. The Inn Visions staff member helped me to load my meager goods into the two-bedroom apartment. All I had to sleep on was a sleeping bag but I did not care. I did not care for the first time in a long time I was not homeless. I had some hope and dignity in life. Part of the reason that I was there was the generosity of Rebecca Snyders Darr and her organization. They provided me with a $400 grant to pay the damage deposit. The following week I went back to a Catholic Church where I had slept on the floor. They gave me some nice free furniture. I got a truck to deliver it. Joao Santos later helped me to pick up a king-sized bed at a non-profit in San Jose, California. The bed would not fit in the elevator. We had to haul it up to the stairs. I started out working two part-time telemarketing jobs and riding a bicycle. Three months later I started a job at Telewave, Inc that would last for 8 years. Almost 13 months later I met Elena. She came to live with me in that apartment in early February of 2001. Some weeks later we had our wedding ceremony in that apartment.I have never gone back to the world of homelessness. That is what is special about the 4th of July for me.

I Just Got A Scam IRS Phone Call

Please be advised that I just got a very disturbing robo call. The caller had a British-type accent. He warned me that a criminal docket had been opened with the IRS. If I did not return his call, I would be taken to US court or a magistrate judge. The tone of voice of the caller was most menacing. I was given a number to call.If one calls this number they are instructed to go to a drug store or Safeway and buy up to thousands of dollars in prepaid bank cards and send them to an address or upload these to a website. Once you pay the money all of your tax problems go away.

In real life if one is under criminal investigation by the IRS, you will be visited by agents with guns and badges. Regardless of if you make restitution or not, you will be prosecuted and taken to court.You very well could end up in prison.