Why I Don’t Believe In Complaining

Everybody Elena wrote an excellent post on not being satisfied in life. She complains and protests often. I take exception to her complaining. People who know me well comment that I never complain. Many decades ago in Australia I learned an amazing lesson. The education system there is superb by world standards. It is not just the colleges, universities, etc. It is also the technical schools for people who just want to learn a skill. I took a rigorous one-year course to become a navigator on a deep ocean ship. Part of the training was cold weather survival. Conventional wisdom says that when one lands in cold water, one should start moving about a lot to keep up body heat. WRONG!!!!! When one gets thrown into cold water in the ocean, the way to survive long is to pull your knees towards you, put your arms around the knees and form your body into a ball. In this position you remain still as long as possible.

In my mind complaining wastes valuable energy just the way moving about in cold water wastes your precious body heat. Use all of that energy to correct what makes you angry and dissatisfied. Never “rest on your laurels” and become complacent and self satisfied.