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The Bad Ending Of Seven Years Of The Good Wife

The Good Wife ended its seven-year run last night. I’ve been a loyal fan for the whole time. I feel that the finale was BAD!
Let us first look at the court action with Governor Peter Florrick. In most state courts a defendant can enter into a plea bargain with a prosecutor that includes a sentence. The judge still has to accept the deal. In state court most of the time they do accept plea bargains to keep the heavy dockets moving. A defendant gets the sentence that he or she agreed to with the prosecutor.
When one goes to a US District Court, it is an entirely different matter. An assistant US attorney can enter into a plea agreement with a defendant or defendants. Charges can be dropped. This limits the maximum sentence that a defendant is forced to serve. But this plea bargain does not guarantee a final sentence from a Federal judge. The best example of this is Jared Fogel. He was the Subway Sandwiches pitch man who plead guilty to child pornography and sex with underage minors. The prosecutor agreed to recommend a sentence not to exceed 12 years. Most people were sure that Fogel would get less than 12 years. The woman judge in the case sentenced Fogel to 15 years and 8 months in jail. This was almost 4 years above the recommendation and surprised many people. In reality it’s the standard sentence for such a crime in US District courts all over the USA.
The last Illinois governor to be convicted of corruption was Rob Blagoravitch. He got 14 years. Literally judges there are sick and tired of seeing public officials engage in corruption. Would Governor Peter Florrick get off with one-year probation-Hell no!!!!
Then we have the final scene where Alicia is left alone and rejected by man who she loved. Wrong!!! She is a wonderful lady and deserved a much better ending.

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