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Russia’s Coded Warning

Russia’s ‘coded warning’, banks look to stockpile cash and fixing the eurozone
Whistleblower Edward Snowden has suggested that the auction of hacking tools by a hitherto unknown group is a coded warning from Russian intelligence to the US. The tools, thought to belong to the US National Security Agency were offered for sale in an iffy-looking auction that kicked off on Tuesday with an improbable one million bitcoin reserve price.

Snowden said in a series of tweets that the auction isn’t intended to raise millions of dollars for the hackers behind the Shadow Brokers group, but to send a coded warning from Russian intelligence to the US government and the NSA.

The gist, according to Snowden, is that the US should stop pointing the finger of blame at Russia for the attacks on the US Democratic Party’s organising group, the Democratic National Committee. (The Inquirer, The Register)

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